Our engagement

Keeping the tradition of our company’s founder Max Pommer we also feel responsible – beyond our commercial activity – to dedicate time to non-profit organisations – a city and a region are not only shaped by their economic structure but they also get their identity by their history, art, culture, music or sports.

With our donation and sponsorship activities, our company wants to make a small contribution to continue to enable a cultural and sporting diversity in and around Leipzig, as well as our responsibility for the environment and climate.

You find the addressees of our previous engagement on the right.

Foundation Forest for Saxony – Tree Planting Action 2019

We take responsibility for our environment. We have calculated the associated CO2 emissions associated with our activities and compensated them by planting trees. In April 2019, we planted six hundred oaks, lime trees and wild cherries on a parcel of land in the region Regis-Breitingen together with the Foundation Forest for Saxony.

Foundation University Church of St. Pauli in Leipzig 2018

We support the Foundation University Church of St. Pauli in Leipzig in their plan to expand the Schwalbennest-organ in the sanctuary of the Paulinum by eleven to eighteen registers. For this purpose, Michael Pommer was presented with the founding letter and the bronze Paulus medal in June 2018 by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Jost Brüggenwirth, as part of a special concert. 

12th Milling Conference in Rust 2017

For the second time we got involved in the miller’s conference of the Swiss miller in June 2017 in Rust, Germany. At this conference, too, we looked beyond the food industry, and there were interesting impulses also for our work in the various mills.

Panel Discussion – Saxon Foreign Trade Week 2016

The opening event of the Saxon Foreign Trade Week on April 11, 2016 Michael Pommer sat in the podium with other entrepreneurs and discussed the topic “Export Markets in Transition” – an interesting topic for SMEs.

100th anniversary of Emil Max Pommer – Exhibition of Saxon Economy Archive in Chamber of Crafts Leipzig 2016

The exhibition ” Max Pommer – architect and pioneer concrete “can be seen from March to May 2016 the Chamber of Crafts Leipzig . For the opening , there is a reading in the series of events of ” Leipzig reads ” at the Leipzig Book Fair.

display boards | A life as an architect, entrepreneur and social reformer

100th anniversary of Emil Max Pommer – Exhibition of Saxon Economy Archive in Leipzig city library 2015

The exhibition “Max Pommer – architect and concrete pioneer” (September to November 2015) in the Leipzig city library is dedicated to 15 boards to life and extensive creative of Max Pommer. In 10 showcases personal items and original documents complement the exhibition. These are from the archives located in the SWA, of Max Pommer Spezialbetonbau GmbH Leipzig and the Foundation Meyer`sche Häuser Leipzig, supplemented by loans of the Pommer family, the city archives and the City History Museum Leipzig.

100th anniversary Emil Max Pommer – assistance under the commemorative 2015

100._Todestag_Max_Pommer Plakat_Ausstellung_Max_Pommer

As part of the appraisal of the company founder Emil Max Pommer we support the alignment of the Matinee to death on 05 July 2015 and the opening of the exhibition at the City Library Leipzig on September 11 2015th.

Lecture Michael Pommer – Day of Industrial Culture September 2015

As part of the events for the Day of Industrial Culture Michael Pommer speaking at the specialist event ” Industrial Culture . Between Nostalgia and Perspectives ” on 3 September 2015 issue , for which cultural industry experience in the company it is only fit today.

Moving into Saarländer Straße 40, Leipzig, March 2014

In March 2014  the company Pommer returned to his old seat back in the Saarland Street (formerly Diezmannstraße), Leipzig. We moved into the Pommer Villa on the old Pommer factory space. Thanks to all the helpers that made this company move possible !

Flood of the river Saale – our use in Alsleben, June 2013

In June 2013, the Central Germany was again affected by a major flood. Particularly at risk were this time the territories of the river Saale.

Just at the time when the apex reached the Saalemühle in Alsleben, we were with our employees on site, and were able to easily make an effective contribution for local flood protection.