Your specialist for MILLS

For many years we have specialized in working in mills of all kinds. We focus on both the mill buildings as well as the silos and silo cells. The main focus here are mostly grain and flour silos, but also sugar silos, maltings and feed silos we have already cared for.

Our services in mills

Construction and Renovation work | Mill Building . OUTSIDE

Saalemühle Alsleben - Fassade

repair exterior facade

Sanierung Silo-Fundamente, Saalemühle Alsleben

renovation silo foundations

Tankstelle Saalemühle Alsleben

new building in the outdoor area

Sooner or later mill buildings will need to be repaired on the outside because the buildings are often exposed to extreme weather conditions. Often mills have to deal with difficult ground conditions, so that work on the foundations are needed. Or concrete construction or anti-corrosion work starts outside.

Construction and Renovation work | Mill Building . INSIDE

Saalemühle - Betonsanierung

concrete restoration interior walls

Saalemühle - Betonsanierung

cracking walls

Cornexo Freimersheim

repair & coating floor

In the interior of the buildings, damage patterns also appear on the walls and floors over the years. Thus closing cracks, joints and voids is one of our main tasks there, the floors are being repaired and given a coating of epoxy resins.

Construction and Renovation work | SILOS . SILOCELLS


repair . foundations & cells


smoothing & coating . walls & joints


reprofiling & coating . funnels & hopper

The construction and repair of the silo cells involves the creation of seamless transitions from silo corner to silo wall, the elimination of joints, protrusions and voids of all kinds, as well as the modeling of a functional silo outlet. If necessary, the straightening of the outlet funnel is added. The repair is carried out by an always similar procedure, which, however, must be adapted individually to each silo cell.


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