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Built on Concrete | 1989 – 2023  |  the book

A family history – built on concrete for 125 years. Even for us, as part of this history, this sounds quite imposing. But a long company tradition is not necessarily a guarantee for a successful future. This can only be achieved together, as a team, every day anew. Therefore, it is important for us to take a look at the different aspects in a family business today, to present interesting projects and involved actors, and also to impressively showcase the handiwork. This book stands for that. It has been a great pleasure for us to realise it together, may it also provide you with entertaining moments.

125 years of POMMER – Reception in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, June 2023

This year, POMMER has been in the tradition of concrete construction for 125 years. This was an opportunity for us to celebrate together, to remember the past and at the same time to look ahead. We were overwhelmed by the large number of participants at our reception on June 9th, 2023 in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, and we were very happy about the great appreciation shown to us. This will continue to accompany us and is motivation for us to fill the next pages with content in the coming years.

MAHLER Festival in Leipzig – May 2023

Connection to the music? There is also in the building trade! For example, when reinforcing the podium ceiling with shotcrete in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. But not only there! In May 2023 we supported the MAHLER Festival in Leipzig with a concert by the Budapest Festival Orchestra – Iván Fischer conducted Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 9. It was a great concert and one of the most impressive evenings at this top-class festival.e initiators and supporters who made this fundraiser possible in many different ways. 

125 years of POMMER – Leipzig, March 2023

This anniversary was a good opportunity to thank our employees for their hard work and commitment. Only together can we meet the demands that business and society place on us every day. We wish for good cooperation and a successful activity for the future. Thanks!

St. Trinitatis Church Leipzig · UKRAINE – HELP · ACTION FOOD PACKAGE 2022

In the spring of 2022, we provided human, financial and very practical support for the food aid package campaign, which the St. Trinitatis Church in Leipzig launched for Ukraine refugees who were not yet able to register in Leipzig. At that time flour was very scarce. Thanks to the release of flour by the Dresdener Mühle – as one of our clients – we were able to donate more than 2.3 tons of flour to the Trinitatis Church to complete the food aid packages.

Donation Transport for Ukrainian Refugees · Wroclaw (PL) 2022

In March 2022, we participated in a fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees in the Wroclaw region, large numbers of whom have already been taken in across Poland. There is a lack of everything, so that private donations in kind are urgently needed. These have now been transported in the direction of Breslau with our transporter. Many thanks to the initiators and supporters who made this fundraiser possible in many different ways. 

Bell Consecration in St. Thomas in Leipzig 2021

Also thanks to our support for the restoration and expansion of the historic bells of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig, the bells could finally be consecrated in October 2021 for the four newly cast bronze bells. A sublime moment when, at the end, the full bells rang out in all their fullness.

THE FAMILY ENTREPRENEURS 2020 · POMMER Spezialbetonbau GmbH Leipzig becomes a member

We have been a member of the Association of Family Entrepreneurs, a common voice for family businesses in Germany, since 2020. The country needs company ideas, especially in times of crisis.


In September 2019 we were invited to the world’s largest baking industry trade fair in Las Vegas NV. It was interesting to see how the milling and baking industries are merging in the USA and Asia, what trends there are with regard to warehousing and silo construction, and to what extent hygiene standards in the food industry are increasing in general. Very exciting for us!

POMMER Spezialbetonbau GmbH Leipzig 2019 · We educate

For the first time – starting in summer 2019 – we are training an apprentice in our company. We wish our trainees every success in our company.

Foundation Forest for Saxony · Tree – Planting Action 2019

We take responsibility for our environment. We have calculated the associated CO2 emissions associated with our activities and compensated them by planting trees. In April 2019, we planted six hundred oaks, lime trees and wild cherries on a parcel of land in the region Regis-Breitingen together with the Foundation Forest for Saxony.

Foundation University Church of St. Pauli in Leipzig 2018

We support the Foundation University Church of St. Pauli in Leipzig in their plan to expand the Schwalbennest-organ in the sanctuary of the Paulinum by eleven to eighteen registers. For this purpose, Michael Pommer was presented with the founding letter and the bronze Paulus medal in June 2018 by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Jost Brüggenwirth, as part of a special concert. 

12th Milling Conference in Rust 2017

For the second time we got involved in the miller’s conference of the Swiss miller in June 2017 in Rust, Germany. At this conference, too, we looked beyond the food industry, and there were interesting impulses also for our work in the various mills.

Panel Discussion – Saxon Foreign Trade Week 2016

The opening event of the Saxon Foreign Trade Week on April 11, 2016 Michael Pommer sat in the podium with other entrepreneurs and discussed the topic “Export Markets in Transition” – an interesting topic for SMEs.