Pommer Spezialbetonbau GmbH Leipzig

The PARTNER for your construction project

Our company consists more than twenty WORKERS at the moment.

Our team has SKILLS in the fields of shotcrete according to DIN 18551, skilled work according to §19 Water Resources Act, bonding of rebars according to general construction approval, crack injection according to ZTV ING [additional technical terms and guidelines for engineering works].

We work with external SPECIALISTS and companies when working on big construction projects.

By CONTINUING EDUCATION of our workers we accommodate to the demands of our clients and to the requirements of the market. So our products and services are always up to date.

Our company is characterised by flat hierarchies and a flexible employment structure. So decisions can be taken faster and a direct personal COMMUNICATION is possible.

As a PARTNER in the construction process we take responsibility by selected planning, negotiation with authorities and building inspectors but also competent local consulting.

We are working on an INTERNATIONAL basis for quite some time now. We take care of construction projects in Europe and increasingly also worldwide.

Our seal of quality  ·  BUILT BY POMMER !!!

Michael Pommer · Director

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